beautiful lawn tips

4 Steps to a Beautiful Lawn

The Kitchen Table Approach: Kitchen tables come with 4 legs for a reason. Yes, a four-legged table will still stand with three legs but to have a sturdy table you will want all 4. There are 4 main factors that will determine how your yard will look. Having all 4 working together will give you the best lawn on the block.

Leg 1: Mowing Guidelines Mowing can be simple, but make sure you or your mowing company are following our tips.

Leg 2: Watering Guidelines Having an inground sprinkler system or a hose timer will make this a lot easier to manage. It is imperative for you water during the summer to keep your lawn healthy and green.

Leg 3: Mother nature: No one can control this leg. This leg changes on a daily to an hourly basis. Humidity, Temperature, and rainfall can come in extreme amounts that are not desirable growing conditions. Having a healthy strong turf will help rebound when conditions are not favorable.

Leg 4: Choosing the RIGHT lawncare company! It may sound simple to apply fertilizer and weed control products to your lawn, but this is more complicated than you would think. It’s important to use high-quality professional products, not basic “professional” products that can be found in most home improvement stores. Consistent timing of fertilizer, nutrients, herbicides, and insecticides applications are very important on how your lawn will look through the year.

We provide ALL the right elements to a healthy lawn and soil. We work from the ground up to make sure your turf not only looks amazing but is healthy too! When you are healthy you feel and look better? Right?

Green Elements strides for perfection but in this industry, we are only one leg of the table. We do everything we can to make sure you are 100% satisfied!

Lawn Treatment Company

Green Elements will do anything in our power to transform or maintain your lawn, but it is important for homeowners to have realistic goals when it comes to their lawn. There are some things we nor you can control, like the environment, or weather conditions. Your grass is a living plant that can be affected by traffic, cultural practices, pets, and the environment. Homeowners must be patient and allow time and Green Elements to transform your yard by a top-quality turf management program.

Lawn Care Results

A weed free, healthy lawn doesn’t happen overnight. It takes persistence and dedication. Each treatment works with the next to produce top quality results. Some lawns will see quick results while others may need as many as 2-3 years to become healthy and lush, just depends the condition of your lawn. We will help and guide you in transforming your lawn but it doesn’t come after one treatment. Any company that claims they will give instant results are the wrong company. Lawn care takes time and patience. Can you become a healthy person over night by just eating one healthy meal?