Saint Louis Lawn Care Service Providers

How To Choose The Right Lawn Care Service

Choosing the right lawn care company can be challenging. Every company uses different marketing strategies and claim they are the “best” company or they are giving you the “best” deal. Look for a company that is straight forward, and without all the hidden fees or upgrade options.

Handling and applying fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides is something we do not take lightly. We take great care of protecting you, your family, pets, wildlife, and the public. Green Elements uses the correct products and the correct amounts to address every need of your lawn. Over applying products can put people and animals in danger.

Green Elements team members are all certified by the State of Missouri and receive ongoing training and education. We are certified, licensed, and Insured. Homeowners should ALWAYS ask to see proof from any company they hire, small or large, for any project around your house. This protects your family and everything you have worked hard for throughout your life!

Examples of Marketing Tricks:

  • Special names for products
  • Number of applications vs number of billable applications vs number of visits
  • Upgraded programs – no need for upgrades when your normal program is the best it can be!
  • Lime treatments – most to all yards in St. Louis do not need lime. A soil test should be done to see. Other companies tell homeowners they need it when in fact, is it unnecessary.