Sharp mower blades help your lawn look it's best 1

Have you wondered why your grass looks good right after you cut it and a day later it has a white haze over the whole lawn? Do you always struggle with disease issues?

Most likely your mower blades are dull! A dull mower blade will rip the tips of your grass instead of cutting it clean. We recommend homeowners sharpen their mower blades at least once a year. Two times a year would be ideal. Most commercial mowing companies sharpen their blades daily.

Why is torn grass blades bad for your lawn?

  • increased disease issues- example: Brown Patch disease
  • stresses the grass
  • loss of color
  • increases time grass takes to recover
  • kills grass
  • increases mowing time

Sharpening your mower blades is a pretty easy thing to do but your will needs some tools. A basic tool set to remove your blades from your mower and a handheld grinder to sharpen the blades. You will want to grind both cutting edges until you remove the ruff edge. This could take 4 to 6 passes on the cutting edge. If you find your blades have huge chunks taken out of them, it may be necessary to just replace them. Take the time now that your mower blades are off to clean under your mower deck. Remove any stuck on dead grass from the mower deck. Reinstall your blades and repeat mid season.

You might not want to mess with it and want to have someone take care of it for you. There is plenty of places that will sharpen your blades. Most places will take the blades off your mower if you bring the mower up to their shop.

Bottom line is sharp blades are a very important thing to keep your lawn looking great. Most people overlook this and don’t even know the last time they sharpened their mower blades. Treatment program, watering, mowing, and mother nature are the four factors that play a huge role on how your lawn will look this year!